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exceptional trees for regenerative farmscapes

At Under the Tree Farm we grow healthy, true to type trees and shrubs for your edible landscape.  We choose species and cultivars we think have exceptional potential for food production and regenerative farming from our collection of over 200 named varieties.   We post available plants in the late fall for purchase, and ship all plants dormant in the spring.   We sell bareroot field grown plants, plants grown in tree pots, cuttings for you to root, and scion wood for you to graft onto your own rootstocks or topwork existing trees.

BAREROOT plants are grown in the field, dug, and shipped without soil.   They need to be planted when you get them.   These trees tend to be larger but there is a natural variation between varieties.   Tall trees will be headed back to ship.

POTTED plants are grown in our greenhouses, in air-pruning tree pots which creates a dense fibrous root system.   These plants can be kept in their pots for a short time until planting is convenient, and transplant without any shock, because they retain all fine roots.  

CUTTINGS are stem sections of dormant plants which you can root on your own to create new clones of a named cultivar.    We cut them at the best time during the dormant season, keep them in cold storage, and ship in spring.   For willow cuttings, you simply stick them in the ground where you want them to root.  For figs, you plant them in media in a pot and keep them moist until they root.  Success is likely with cuttings but not guaranteed! 

SCION WOOD are sticks of the last season's growth of named cultivars with dormant vegetative buds to graft onto your own rootstock.   We try to collect sticks of 1/8-5/16" diameter with 5-6 good healthy buds which is enough for two whip or cleft grafts or 5-6 chip buds (or a couple tries at one graft!) If last season's growth was short, we will provide two shorter sticks to still give you 5-6 good buds.  If your rootstock is large, you can use a double cleft graft, etc. but if you have very small caliper (<1/8") rootstock let us know and we can check what we have to see if it will work.  All scion wood is shipped while it is still cold out in March and needs to be kept slightly moist at 32-40 degrees until the moment you graft with it.   A plastic bag in the refrigerator works well.   Grafting success is not guaranteed but with practice a take of over 90% is common on strong rootstocks.


Plants are shipped separately from cuttings and scion wood, and shipping charges cannot be combined.   

Any quantity of cuttings and scion wood ships USPS priority mail for $9.00 flat rate. 

Shipping for bareroot and potted plants is as follows:

Total of plants in order    Shipping

under $100                        $35.00

$100-$149                         $45.00

$150-$199                         $55.00

$200 and over                    $65.00