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Our Story

Scott & Crystal Van Gaasbeck, farmers at Under the Tree Farm

Crystal and Scott Van Gaasbeck started Under the Tree farm in 2013 on their first farm in Brooktondale, NY.   Scott has had a lifelong obsession with orcharding since he planted his first plum tree in 1978 in his corner of the family garden, and has left a trail of trees everywhere he went since! Crystal has been farming in the fingerlakes region since 2010.  She grows thousands of annual plant starts for our local market each spring, maintains over 1/4 acre of coppiced willow, and grows 1/4 acre of garlic each year when she's not taking tintype photographs.   In addition to farming, Crystal and Scott are working craftspeople, you can find their leatherwork at underthetreeithaca.com and farm and garden toolbelts here

We grow over 200 varieties of fruiting and useful trees and shrubs, and are constantly expanding our collection.   Since 2013 we have propagated over 4,000 fruit trees and many thousands of willow to plant on our farm, and we are currently farming about 5 acres of fruit.

In 2019, facing eminent domain of a swath through the middle of our farm for a recreation trail, we made the difficult decision to start over with a new farm farther from development pressure.  Starting with overgrown land, we have completely transformed it in just a few years with trees we propagated.  The experience has strengthened our belief in the regenerative power of trees! 

We feel blessed to live and work here where we can grow more trees and share them so that you too can regenerate your landscape to build soil, diversity, food production, and joy!

Short documentaries on our farm by our friends at FLOCK Fingerlakes!